Profiterole: A social CRM for your personal life


Profiterole is a social friends personal CRM to manage your contacts efficiently and follow up projects, deals and events.


It synchronize to Linkedin, Facebook and Google contacts so you don’t need to enter all contact details over and over. It manages the Event concept, where an Event is a temporary group of contacts or new contacts. You can manage a contact follow-up history and attach projects and deals to them. It uses tags system to classify contacts, groups, events and deal, and advance filtering on several fields. User can register and login using his Google account or Facebook account. It uses a responsive design and it renders on different mobile platforms like iPhone and iPad or most common Android phones and tablets.

The app is developed on PHP for Google App Engine, Google SQL Cloud for data storage, Twig template and caching system, and Bootstrap and Jquery for UX.


  • Google App Engine for PHP

  • Facebook API

  • Linkedin API

  • Oauth2.0

  • Jquery & Bootstrap

  • SQL Cloud



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