Smart timer based on Arduino with 2D laser cut bamboo case

Taima is a pocket smart timer based on Arduino Pro-micro that runs on a 250 mAh battery that charges when it’s plugged to a USB device.

It uses register shifting techniques to precise control 16 color micro-leds with just three output pins of the Arduino Pro-micro version. The user interaction is controlled by one single button and different gestures, like single click, double click, long clicked button. The user experience is enriched with multiple light effects based on synchronization and fading of the color micro-leds.

The case was designed on Inkscape open source vector graphic editor. And the assembling parts on amber bamboo material, were 2D laser cutted and engraved using Ponoko personal factory services.

The primary function of the smart timer is to provide a portable pocket device for time spent on tasks management, using the pomodoro technique developed by Francesco Cirilo. However the functionality can be reprogrammed anytime with a computer using the same USB port for charging.

A limited edition of a small production of the units will be sold to Kickstarter’s users for under $100 per device.



  • Arduino prototyping

  • C++ development

  • Industrial design of mobile devices

  • 2D laser cutting

  • Kickstarter campaign

  • GTD

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