Radiactividad.org Independent network of ambient radiation measurements for Spain

Inspired by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan caused by the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami April 2011. Radioactividad.org webiste was drafted, built and deployed during the spring vacation in a 5-days hackaton.

Radioactividad.org is an independent netowork of ambient radiation measurements for Spain, where users can upload community approved daily average readings. Additionally official readings from CSN (Nuclear Security Council) are offered and all the nuclear installations on Spain are mapped.

Cosm platform is integrated and used for data sharing to third parties. We partnered also with Safecast Japan organization to exchange real-time data via XML feeds. And a future mobile device development for acquiring GPS geolocated radiation and other environmental data measures and post them to the platform on real-time.

The full platform and website was developed on PHP and MySQL, and the front-end on javascript jquery and HTML5. With special emphasis on Google Maps development and 3rd party API integrations.



  • Open Data

  • Connected smart devices

  • Real-time environmental measures

  • Google Maps and multi API integration


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