Panic Trader: Facebook stock market game

Panic Trader is a social Facebook game developed specifically for the Open Talent contest created by BBVA, and was selected the winner on the first edition on 2010 for the Facebook app category.

Users starting with 100,000€ in cash, can buy and sell stocks with real-time prices, from companies listed on IBEX-35 index from Spanish Stock Market, managing a virtual investment portfolio.

The objective of the game is to win the weekly profitability rankings by the end of the week. There are two rankings: Friends ranking and global ranking. In the first one you compete only against your friends, and in the second against all app’s users.

Panic Trader back-end is based on PHP5 and MySQL database. For front-end it relies on FML, CSS and special javascript developed for the app. It integrates Facebook authentication and uses user’s profiles features. It use a third-party API service to retrieve real-time stock prices.


  • Facebook social game

  • Personal portfolio management

  • Day-trading rankings

  • Real stock market

  • FQL & Javascript


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