Interactive real-time stock market prices service for Twitter

Client: Actibva (BBVA Group)

Using the full potential of the Twitter API, the app answer user queries about companies giving the actual real-time stock market prices (companies from IBEX35, raw materials, currencies and indexes) or close-price if the day session is over and market is closed.

This project was developed and maintain for Actibva (@actibva), the financial portal from BBVA group bank. And it was active for around two years.

The goal of the campaign was to engage the user’s community on twitter and to improve the followers count from the official account, because the user needs to follow @actibva in order to query about companies, raw materials, indexes or currency exchange market. More than 1,000 users followed back the twitter account as a direct result of the app.

The service was developed on PHP5, MySQL and the official Twitter API.



  • Twitter API

  • PHP, MySQL

  • Twitter campaigns

  • Social media marketing


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