Metal Corps: Action game for color Palm PDAs


Metal Corps is a Shoot ’em up action game for former color Palm OS 5 devices.

It’s basically a Super Contra clone with different history and enhanced special effects and game mechanics. It was published on early 2002 on several app portals like Handango, Softpedia or Freewarepalm. And was downloaded more than 120,000 times.
The biggest challenge during development was to limit the memory usage and the process optimization to increase the FPS to the maximum.
The game was entirely developed on Java for Palm using the open source Superwaba virtual machine, with a game framework and classes developed by me from the scratch.

Extract from the original description file:


Just run around and defend your city with your plasma rifle from the Mech invasion. 
This game is actually over development, and this is a level preview for tech capabilities. 
Some of the artwork used in this game is copyright of Konami.
HardKey1: Move Left
HardKey2: Move Right
HardKey3: Fire plasma rifle
HardKey4: Jump

New added features:
* Fixed refresh rate.
* New tile scrolled background system, that follow player inside screen region. 
* Fixed position for other playing objects inside scroll. Now the playing field is BIG.
* New hard tiles platform system.
* New second infinite parallax bmp background.
* Added debris sprites FX flying around when mechs explode.
* Added ShooterMech enemy.
* Added FlyerMech enemy.

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