Mobile sharing pictures service for WAP

nokia-7110WAP service featured on Movistar Emoción WAP portal on late 1999. You were able to download pictures, personalize graphical postcard and share with your friends.

In the early mobile internet partnering with Nokia and Movistar in Spain. We developed a web-based service using the new WAP for Internet connected mobile phones, like the Nokia 7110. The postcards were merely black and white pixelated images with personalized messages you where able to send from your cell phone to your friends via mobile Internet based on a GPRS connection.

The service also integrated SMS text messages for alerts when you receive a new postcard and phone billing payments for premium content.

The web based service was developed using the former Microsoft ASP and MS Remote Database Engine. It also runs a custom server developed on MS VB for managing text messages and billing services.


  • WAP Mobile Internet

  • Short messages

  • Operator Billing


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